Absorbable hemostatic cube – Dental


Absorbable Hemostats cotton based

  • Effective local hemostats – 100% absorbable, hypoallergenic, non traumatic
  • Fast and effective hemostasis within 1-2 minutes
  • Antibacterial properties while aiding the healing process

Absorbable hemostatic cube – Dental

It is a resorbable hemostatic cube. It provides effective hemostasis within 2 minutes, has antibacterial properties, and enhances healing process. It can be shaped flexibly.

  • Indications: Used by dental surgeons during complicated surgical extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, soft tissues surgeries. It is also used to stop bleeding from soft tissues and other procedures in stomatology.
  • Available size: 1 x 1,5cm – 1 package contains 50pcs