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Atlas Medical is a Greek family owned company that was founded in 2008 by Costas Angelides. The main business of the company is in the surgical field with special focus on products for the operating theater such as surgical sutures, haemostats, & meshes.


Working closely with all our partners, customers & suppliers, providing high end products in affordable cost.


The company has an experienced sales team and an extensive distribution network covering basically all areas in Greece (mainland and islands). Important asset for the company is its human capital, that is always updated and trained, ready willing to reply to each request. Our company retains a fully equipped training center that is used for internal meetings, trainings and workshops.

Since 2011 the company has taken the strategic decision to become a certified manufacturer of surgical sutures. The strategy is to constantly enrich its product portofolio with more cutting-edge products, always in accordance to the growing demands and needs of the market.


Quality Policy

The Vision of our company is to be a milestone in Manufacturing, Trading and Distribution of Medical Devices worldwide.

The management and staff of the Company believes in quality of service and products but also in their continuous improvement and commits to the following principles that constitute the company’s quality policy:

  • the continued provision of high quality, safe products and services
  • ensure the protection of patient health and well-being
  • compliance with the rules of Ethical Practice and Conduct
  • faithful implementation, continuous improvement and assurance of the suitability and effectiveness of the Integrated Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and the International Rules of Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice (GMP and GDP respectively) of medical devices.
  • continuous training of staff to ensure a high level of expertise
  • compliance with internal quality control and validation procedures for the manufacturing and storage conditions of products
  • usage and tight supervision of own and contracted facilities for product and service realization,
  • effective maintenance, calibration and / or verification of equipment
  • timely customer complaint handling using documented procedures.

These principles are achieved through:

  • monitoring of quality indicators and by establishing ever higher aims,
  • ongoing assessment of customer satisfaction,
  • continuous improvement and assurance of effectiveness,
  • ongoing assessment of resources and vendors
  • constant vigilance and market surveillance to prevent potential problems

The Company’s management is committed to providing all the necessary resources and tools to implement the quality policy and to ensure the reliability of the Company. The Management of the Company ensures that the integrity of the quality system is maintained and when changes are planned and made to it.

The Company’s management is responsible for implementing the principles of the Quality Policy by Company staff in its entirety. The Quality Manager is responsible for monitoring the implementation and operation of the Quality System and all issues related to Quality. All Company personnel involved in the activities of the company bears the responsibility to be informed of the quality documentation and to implement the Quality Policy and Quality Management System Procedures at work.

The Quality Policy is drafted by the Company’s management and is reviewed periodically.

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